Photograph courtesy: imperial smelting & refining co. ltd, markham, ontario.
Photograph courtesy: imperial smelting & refining co. ltd, markham, ontario.

Some exciting websites for lovers of drawing.

Here are some websites you may want to check out. Each offer a rich variety
of information, product news, and much more: - check out D'uva LithocoatCoal heat-fixable synthetic charcoal - for "Drawing Board" magazine - for Derwent's sketching collection of pencils - for Cretacolour Monolith woodless pencils - Canadian Art Magazine - American Artist Magazine - the Winsor Newton Company - Dakota Art Pastels ( excellent selection of drawing with pencils ) - Opus Framing & Art Supplies - Curry's Artists Materials - Canada Art Scene - The Society of Canadian Artists - lots of info, including studio spaces avaliable workwide - The Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University - a large selection of fine art drawings including 42 works in metalpoint and silverpoint. - Masterpeace Fine Art Studio, fine art drawings in a number of styles and variety of media. - The personal website of Peter Leclerc. - The art academy of Michael Britton. - Metalpoint supplies from Imperial Smelting and Refining Co. of Canada Ltd.
"Drawing Module" - by Gerald F. Brommer & Kimon Nicholaides - The Drawers, Headbones Gallery, Toronto - International Artist Day, October 25 - International Silverpoint Archives

The Japanese Paper Place
Inspiring creativity through Japanese paper since 1980

European Academy for Culture & the Arts
An international network of artists connecting over 100 organizations in Europe and beyond.

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