Photograph courtesy: imperial smelting & refining co. ltd, markham, ontario.
Photograph courtesy: imperial smelting & refining co. ltd, markham, ontario.

Educate people about drawing as an artistic medium that has been appreciated for centuries by collectors and artists and help them understand the beauty, intimacy and artistic value of fine art drawing.

Empower youth, the next generation of artists, to embrace the traditional values of creative drawing through discipline and study in order to build solid foundations for quality artistic works.

Enrich Canada's cultural and artistic heritage through the creation, collection and promotion of fine art drawings in all media, as well as the preservation of classical Renaissance drawing traditions.

Encourage all artists whose passion is drawing to press in and persevere in this most intimate of artistic expression.

"The most appealing thing of drawings is their sense of intimacy. Drawing invites private contemplation - one comes to know and appreciate them only by such close and personal study", Ian B.Thomas, (registrar of the Art Gallery of greater Victoria during the 1979 Masters Drawing exhibition).

The Drawing Society of Canada encourages all manner of drawing but especially promotes respect and a mature attitude towards the integrity and beauty of the male and female human form in drawing, taking into account as well general standards of decency and respect for the diverse beliefs and values of the Canadian public.

Founding member Drawing Centres International

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