Photograph courtesy: imperial smelting & refining co. ltd, markham, ontario.
Photograph courtesy: imperial smelting & refining co. ltd, markham, ontario.

Current Issue: Bottega # 11
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Bottega V4
Bottega V4
Bottega V4
Bottega V4
Bottega V4

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Bottega is the official journal and newsletter of the Drawing Society of Canada. Bottega is the Italian name that describes the art studios of the great Renaissance of the 1500's. Bottega features news about the society, timely articles about the fine art of drawing, and valuable writings of great authors especially when we reprint books about drawing that are out of print. Bottega also features the brief biographies of Canadian drawing masters and honourable members of the society. Bottega is available in printed and online formats and free to all who ask. In cooperation with the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art, Bottega is now available in Chinese on their website at and Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Previously published articles in Bottega:

Special series on "The Art of Drawing," by Richard Kenin
1. Introduction to "The Art of Drawing."
2. The Ancient World ( Part I and II )
3. Athenian drawing and the decline of drawing
4. The drawings of Pre-Columbian Peru
5. Romanesque and Gothic Draughtsmanship

Articles by Gerrit Verstraete, founder of the Drawing Society of Canada
1. Drawing in a Modern Technological Age
2. The Grand Manner of Drawing
3. In the footsteps of masters
4. Revival of the Academy
5. Reflections on a Spring day and a paraphrase of Manet
6. Not far from home - the Sinopia
7. Winter Blues on White Paper

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V4 = Volume Four
N1 = Number One

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