Credits: The upper b/w drawing is by Ken Danby and the lower sanguine drawing by David Campbell. Both are honourary members.

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About the gallery of Canadian Drawing Masters

This gallery began in 1998, as part of an arts and educational vision of Canadian artists and drawing society founders Gerrit Verstraete and Peter Leclerc. It took five years to develop a framework within which the society undertook to discover who these drawing masters really are. Our discoveries remain an ongoing research program and the society is deeply grateful for the men and women who have helped us along the way. Therefore, the Drawing Society of Canada is pleased to announce a Canadian first, namely, an online gallery of drawings created by Canada's drawing masters. We sincerely hope you will enjoy viewing these works of art, as we continue to impress upon all Canadians, and those who visit the gallery from beyond our borders, that Canada indeed has a valuable and diverse heritage of fine art drawing. The Drawing Society of Canada would like to make it clear that our online gallery is not a retail gallery, nor do we represent any of the artists whose works are exhibited. That we leave to the artists, their agents and galleries themselves. We acknowledge that in many ways, this gallery will always be "incomplete" because our aim is to discover more drawing masters and no doubt there remain many to be discovered. As we work diligently to ensure that in whatever way we feature our artists, especially in their biographical notes, their material is accurate and complete, the amount and availability of material will vary. Bear with us, we're doing our best. The Gallery of Canadian Drawing Masters is an educational endeavour of the Drawing Society of Canada and each artist in the gallery has given permission to show his or her work and publish their respective brief biographies.

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