Credit: Gerrit Verstraete

Drawings by
Gerrit Verstraete
"Tammy," conte on paper
"la belle," gold point & graphite on paper
© 2005, Gerrit V.L.Verstraete

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Who are these Canadian Drawing Masters?

Canada's drawing masters are artists for whom drawing has been and continues to be the fountainhead of all their creative work. Whether they are painters, sculptors, engravers, printmakers, draughtsmen, illustrators or designers, drawing remains at the root of their work. Some are known locally, nationally, or even internationally. Some are known as painters, others as instructors. Some are masters in oils, or in watercolour, some in printers ink, in pastel or in charcoal, some in carbon black pencil, graphite, or silverpoint. All of them have made and will continue to make a lasting contribution to the fine art of drawing in Canada. Some are still with us today and some are the great masters of yesteryear. All of these men and women are artists of whom we are proud, and who shall remain a constant encouragement to everyone who undertakes this great adventure called art and drawing. As the Drawing Society of Canada discovers them, we will do our best to bring them to you in this gallery. We believe there are many more to discover and that in itself is worth the effort to make this educational feature of the Drawing Society of Canada a valuable contribition to our creative heritage.

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