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» How do you blend colour pencil drawings?
Question: Can you tell me how to blend my colour pencil drawings?

Answer: Dear reader. It used to be that you could only blend a darker colour by vigorously rubbing it with a very light colour. Most favourite of the blenders was white pencil. The process involved laying down careful colour combinations on paper, and then blending it with white, only to repeat the careful colour combinations again and again, with white blending until a rich colour was obtained. Today, however, PrismaColour manufactures a colourless blender ( No. PC1077 ) pencil that allows you to blend colours pure and direct without worry of a milky white appearing when you used white pencil blenders. Be careful, however, as you blend and apply colour, to watch for excessive wax buildup on the drawing, with will cause your drawing to have "wax blooms."
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