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» What is mixed media paper?
Question: Dear drawing society. In the drawings of Canadian drawing master, Gerrit Verstraete, he refers to "mixed media paper." What is mixed media paper?

Answer: Gerrit Verstraete answers: Dear reader - mixed media paper is any coating of media that is applied to any surface. In the case of paper, it is a combination of various media that is applied to ( or mixed directly on ) the surface of paper. The purpose of this mixture is to create exciting and new surfaces on which to draw. I usually begin with a heavy, cover weight, white paper. With a grand display of motion I brush on flat white latex paint, and while it is still wet I'll splatter and brush on straight or diluted water colour or guache. I'll spread the mixure around with a brush, or roll it with a lucite roller on top of some tracing paper, or roll direct with a small plastic housepaint roller. The effects are totally random. When the paint and paper have dried thoroughly I press the paper flat between construction board, a piece of plywood and any pile of books handy to stack on top. It takes a few days to get the paper flat. Once the paper has dried I am free to explore drawing on my "mixed media paper," by using graphite pencils, colour pencils, colour pencil sticks ( even rubbed into the surface with solvent - rubber cement thinner ), carbon pencils and metalpoint drawing.
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