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» What are the correct materials to use for silverpoint?
Question: I did a little silverpoint years ago, but I don't have any instruction in it. I'm not sure of the correct materials to use. Do you gesso a hardboard, or use something like it that is specifically prepared? What kind of tool do you actually draw with?

Answer: First of all I refer you to Question & Answer "What is silverpoint drawing?", which explains silverpoint in detail. However, as for your specific questions, I coat either heavy paper or masonite ( hardboard - smooth side ) with gesso. Having discovered ancient recipies for coatings ( called "grounds" ) I am experimenting with grounds made of marble dust, bone meal, rabbitskin glue, linseed oil, mixed with gesso and flat-white primer. My tool is a silver wire ( or copper or brass ), the thickness of a lead pencil, held in a mechanical draughtsman's pencil.
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