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Question: Did you hear about the $12 million Michelangelo drawing is found in a New York maid's room?

Answer: Yes, we did, and here's a summary of the report as it appeared on the news. On July 9, 2002, CNN reported on their evening news that a Michelangelo drawing, estimated to be worth $12 million, was unearthed among sketches of Renaissance lighting fixtures in what used to be a New York maid's room. The unsigned drawing was a design for a seven-branched candelabrum done in black chalk, brush and brown wash on cream-colored paper in the mid-1500s, according to officials at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York City. The drawing was plucked from a box of sketches of lighting fixture designs by unknown artists in the museum's Drawings and Prints Department, on the fourth floor of the building in what used to be a maid's room. The museum, part of the Washington-based Smithsonian Institution, purchased the drawing within a group of five goldsmith drawings in 1942, for $60. Museum scholars guessed the work might have been done by 16th century artist Perino del Vaga, who often followed Michelangelo's designs for decorative objects. Somehow it got into the wrong box and was described only as being Italian, from around 1530-1540. It was first identified as a Michelangelo in April 2002, by Sir Timothy Clifford, director of the National Galleries of Scotland, during a sabbatical visit to the Cooper-Hewitt. To authenticate the find, the drawing was taken to London in mid-June of 2002, for examination by Michelangelo scholars. What clinched the authentication was to juxtapose the Cooper-Hewitt's drawing with a Michelangelo drawing of a salt cellar in the British Museum.
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