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» How to look for jobs related to drawing?
Question: How to look for jobs related to drawing

Answer: E.C.of Montreal asks: I am a recent BFA graduate from Concordia University in Montreal. I was browsing the net and ran into your organization. I am interested to know how to look for jobs related to drawing - my degree focused on theatrical design, but I have always been more inclined to just draw. I have experience with both traditional and digital drawing and am really interested in working as an illustrator for magazines/print.

Your question is a valid one. Yes, drawing has a very broad work application with even more possibilities of career choices. There are careers in book illustration and design, medical illustrators, commercial illustrators, computer graphics, layout artists, architectural renderings, animation, cartoonists, courtroom artists, package designers, set designers, costume designers, just to name some.
First and foremost: you need to have a good portfolio that demonstrates the variety and breadth of your work. Second you need to be able to answer the question ( by prospective employers ) as to how your portfolio ideas might be produced. In other words it helps to have some knowledge of technical production processes ( eg. offset printing ).
You indicate a desire for the world of performing arts and magazine illustration. Make a list of key performing arts companies and consumer and trade publications One list you can get from a magazine called Performing Arts & Entertainment Magazine in Toronto. The other list you can get from Canadian Advertising Rates and Data, published by Maclean Hunter. When you have the names, phone them and ask who the key person would be to contact. Probably a creative and/or art director. Then write them a personal letter to let them know you will call for an appointment. Then it's the good ol' tried and proven method of taking your portfolio together with a professional attitude to see these people. Don't hesitate to ask for a freelance job to demonstrate your talent. I trust this is of help. If you need more information, just ask.
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