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» I would like to know more about life drawing because...
Question: I would like to know more about life drawing because I would like to start life drawing sessions for artists in my hometown. Any suggestions?

Answer: Life drawing is a professional term that means "drawing from life," whether the model is nude, in costume, or partially clothed. Life drawing is a better term than just "nude figure drawing." Artists should be encouraged to do life drawing and not just nude drawing. Find a good-size private room that is well ventilated and well heated in winter. If you're ambitious you'll build a small platform on which the model can sit and keep his/her form at eye level of the artist.The room should have space for some stand-up easels and sit-down drawing "donkeys." The room should also have a private side-room or washroom where the model can change. Lighting is important, but two lights are enough. Make sure no one can look into the room and post a sign outside the door that this is a private session. Advertise locally for male and femal models and ask each applicant if they can hold a pose for as long as half an hour. Poses generally range from say 10 quick one minute warmup drawings, to 5 five minute drawings, to 5 ten minue drawings. The rest of the evening is divided between 15 minite and half-hour poses. On our Monday Night Studio Life Drawing sessions, ( 7 to 10 pm ) we draw for 1 1/2 hours, take a 1/2 hour break and then draw for another hour. A good fee for the sessions ranges from $6 to $10 per person for the evening. We pay our models $15 per hour ( that's $45 for the session - including a paid break ). When you've got that all organized, make a flyer and post it wherever you can in town. Make sure in all your communication you emphasize a professional attitude and atmosphere that takes life drawing serious. No gawkers and thrill seekers, just serious artists.
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