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» Are drawings as valuable as paintings?
Question: Are drawings as valuable as paintings?

Answer: Absolutely yes! Don't be fooled into thinking that just because the medium costs more (oil paints and canvas are definitely more expensive than pencil and paper), therefore the work must be more valuable. Neither is colour of greater value than black and white. Drawings will last as long as paintings if done on linen, acid free, conservatory quality ( also known as "museum" quality" ) papers and illustrations boards. Drawing is a different medium. A noted curator once said,"drawing is the most intimate of all media," because in a drawing you catch the artist at his deepest thoughts. One Canadian drawing master calls drawing, "real time." Not long a go, a master drawing sold for half a million dollars ( Canadian ). Time is not a value- determining factor either. Van Gogh cranked out paintings at a rapid pace, often many in a day. He produced 463 works in just 30 months. I can spend as much as 80 to 100 hours on one drawing, working on the drawing over a period of two to three weeks. If I calculate a modest hourly rate for my work ( how does one do that eh, when you've spent your whole life creating art? ), the drawing is worth in the thousands of dollars. Truth is, when I sell a drawing and calculate back the hourly wage, it is often less than minimum wage. After 35 years of drawing professionally that's simply not right. That is why we founded the Drawing Society of Canada, to increase the value of drawing.
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